Who needs finance professionals?Read more about the sectors and roles accountancy has to offer.

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Choose a sector to see the types of work, example employers, roles and starting salaries you can expect in each.


  • Public practice

    Public practices provide a large range of accounting, business and advisory services to clients. They offer fee-paying services such as: audit and assurance, business recovery and insolvency, tax, management consultancy, corporate finance and forensic accounting.

    Example employers: Deloitte, Mazars, Baker Tilly, Grant Thornton

    Starting salary: from £25 – 32k

    Potential roles: audit/assurance trainee, tax consultant, forensic accountant, business advisor and financial analyst.

  • Public sector

    The public sector comprises of not-for-profit organisations, which deliver public services in the UK. Finance professionals in this sector help these organisations deliver value for money and manage public finances responsibly.

    Example employers: NHS, UK Government, HMRC, Charities, The Police, Department for Education

    Starting salary: between £25 – 27k

    Potential roles: finance manager, management accountant, internal auditor and financial accountant.

  • Financial services

    This sector primarily revolves around the management of money and complex financial products. Finance professionals in this sector must be acutely aware of the relationship between risk and return in the banking, insurance or asset management fields.

    Example employers: HSBC, Barclays, Zurich, Santander

    Starting salary: between £25 – 35k

    Potential roles: risk manager, corporate financier and fund accountant.

  • Corporate sector

    The corporate sector is where finance professionals assist and support an organisation to make decisions through business insight and by developing investor and partner relationships.

    Example employers: Dyson, British Airways, Coca-Cola, New Look

    Starting salary: between £22 – 28K

    Potential roles: management accountant, business analyst, internal auditor, risk manager and group accountant.


    Working for a Small or Medium sized Enterprise (less than 250 employees) can be

    very exciting as finance professionals can often have more responsibility across the board and gain invaluable experience. They enable organisations to take decisions on investments and develop relationships as well as running the day-to-day finance function.

    Example employers: Alexander Sloan, Wise & Co,

    Starting salary: between £20 – 28k

    Potential roles: finance analyst, financial accountant and management accountant.

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