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What will the future you do?

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Figuring out what career path to take can be stressful and consume a lot of time and thought. Deciding to change your career path can become even more stressful when you aren’t sure what you want to do next. Similarly young professionals can feel a lot of pressure to know what they want to do as soon as they graduate from college. Here are some great ways to gain a sense of direction.

1. Write down what you like

Do you have hobbies that you enjoy doing that you could see yourself turning into a career? What elements of previous jobs or internships do you want to be present in your future job?

Determining what you like and what you want your future job to consist of can provide a lot of clarity of where to begin when considering  a career change or what career path to take. You may already have a good idea of what you want to do and writing it down can reinforce your aspirations.

2. Connect with people

Connecting and talking with people is great way to learn more about different roles and career paths. Ask people about the positives and negatives of their job, what they would of differently if they were at the beginning of their career. Not everyone has a clear career path and learning about other’s experiences can provide some great insight and lessons that you can learn from.

It is also a great way to network and build relationships with people who could help you in the future. They might be able to connect you with other contacts or alert you to internal opportunities you might not be able to find on the internet.

3. If you are sure – take action. If you are unsure - take action.

If you know what direction you want to go in – take action! It could be the best decision that you make. Remember that a single choice doesn’t have to define your career. Everything is an opportunity to learn and grow.

If you’re unsure about what direction you want to take, try different things. Take a class or course, speak to others doing qualifications that you could be interested in, or see if there is scope for you to be involved in other areas of work. Over-thinking often leads to a dead-end; it is only when you take action that things begin to change. Trying different things can spark ideas, cross off possibilities and maybe even lead you to work you never even considered before.

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