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10 reasons to become an Accountant

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1. See the world:

Work around the world in any of the 181 countries ACCA is recognised in. 

2. Become a sought after professional:

Accounting is an in demand profession; it is the third most sought after profession; with accountants ranking at the top of the list with other professionals such as Lawyers. 

3. Provide direct value:

You can drive organisational results through analysing numbers.

4. Be highly employable:

Employment rates for accountants are stable even during difficult economic conditions.

5. Have job security:

According to Info Corner accounting is one of the top ten safest jobs. Everyone needs accountants!

6. Enjoy your work:

An Accountemps survey shows that 7 out of 10 accountants would stick with their job if they could go back in time and choose a different career.  

7. Get paid well:

Accounting can be financially rewarding.  According to Payscale, the average salary for an entry level accountant in the UK is £24,792, and £29,014 in London.

8. Improve your thinking skills:

Accounting is academically and mentally rewarding. A survey by Robert Half reveals that 41% of accountants love their jobs because it allows them to solve problems.

9. Have options:

Accountants are required in all sectors from the corporate sector to the financial sector and many industries from fashion to education. 

10. Choose from various roles:

When you become a qualified accountant you can do everything from managing a company’s expenses to solely doing taxes. Examples of roles you can start with are Accounts Assistant, Junior Financial Analyst, Junior Accountant, and Audit Associate.


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