Juggling work and study:Maria Malik

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I usually wake up at around 7am, have breakfast and leave for work at about 8.20am. I get the train and arrive just before 9am – which allows me enough time to get a drink and settle down for the day.


My role is multi-faceted, and involves many tasks such as budgeting, forecasting and reporting and requires excellent attention to detail. Some of these tasks are time-critical and must be completed early in the day.


Working in the city centre is great; I can do any personal errands that I need to and still have enough time to eat. I am very health conscious so I like to go out for a walk and get some fresh air at lunch. I find that having an hour away from my work area keeps me renewed and attentive for the afternoon.


Once I come back from lunch I begin a set of accounts, or continue on completing the one already started. On average it can take up to three days to complete a set of accounts for a complex fund or up to two days for a smaller fund.

Once the account is completed I pass it on to a senior accountant for review. What I enjoy the most about my job is the people that I get the opportunity to work with – an amazing, diverse, humorous team.

All stereotypes about finance professionals being boring are completely contradicted. Even if you are having a tough day, you are never alone. Everyone is friendly, willing to help and always making you laugh.


Before leaving to go home I go over my work plan for the next day – I always like to know this before I leave. I then tidy up my desk, ensure I have complied with our clear desk policy (to avoid any sensitive information being left out) and leave.


When I have an exam coming up, I like to make sure I spend at least three evenings a week studying.

Before I begin to study for any exam, one of the first things I do is read the Examiner’s Report from the last session of exams and print of all relevant articles that have been published. This helps me to plan study and highlight any areas of key focus.

I also print and attempt past exam papers from the ACCA Learning Community, this is one of the best ways for testing my own knowledge, speed and technique.

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