FAQs & feesAnswers to some popular questions about studying with ACCA

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  • Why should I choose ACCA and not another accountancy body?

    Our qualification is unique in the way you can choose which route you take with your career.

    Our option exam papers allow you to focus on your strengths and interests – you can work in any sector and any role with our qualification!

  • How will I cope with juggling work, study and a social/family life?

    Planning your time effectively will help – ensure you have set study and revision times each week and make time for doing things you enjoy too. Study skills are important; you can find a wealth of tips on our website.

  • I’ve heard the exams are really difficult – do you offer additional support?

    Our exams are challenging – but will give you everything you need to become a really successful finance professional. Our website is packed full of information and support so you can be the best you can be in your exams.

  • I’m not sure what area I want to specialise in yet, does that matter?

    Not at all, as you progress through your work experience and studies, you can choose option papers to suit your interests. With the ACCA Qualification, you can work in any area – from audit to management accounting. Don’t limit yourself too early!

  • How do I pay for the exams and study?

    It depends on your situation – some employers will fund you through all of your training and some will partially fund. Some students fund themselves.

  • What if I’m still studying – can I join?

    Yes! Joining us now means you can add ‘ACCA Student’ to your CV and stand out from other candidates while looking for a job. As soon as you register as a student you can start recording your relevant work experience towards your PER (practical experience requirement) and become a professional accountant even quicker.

  • How long will it take to qualify with ACCA?

    We require that all of our members qualify with three years of relevant work experience, so depending on how much experience you’ve accrued prior to starting your ACCA studies, the qualification can take anything from two to five plus years to complete. As you progress through your studies, you can expect a salary increase, with part-qualified accountants earning upwards of £29k.

  • How do I register as an ACCA student?

    Registration is easy – you can do it at any time of the year and it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to submit the correct documents and provide us with everything we need.

    Make sure you have the following ready:

    • Proof of your qualifications (graduation document and course transcripts) - If you’re still studying or awaiting documents then provide details of any completed qualifications – you can then add transcripts at a later date.
    • Proof of ID (birth certificate, passport or driving licence) - To make it easier, we accept pictures of your documents taken ona phone if you haven’t got them in PDF format.

  • How do I register for exams?

    To register for exams, you must first register with ACCA and pay your annual subscription cost. After you’ve done this, the best way to enter for exams is to login to your myACCA account where you can select your required papers.

  • How many exams do I have to take?

    It depends on your current education and how many exemptions you can get. This will range from five to a maximum of 14 exams in total. 

  • What are the fees?

    Initial Fees

    When you register, you need to pay the following fees to complete your application.

    • Initial registration £79 (one off)
    • Annual subscription £83 (annually)

    Annual subscription enables you to stay on our register as an ACCA student or member. You will also be able to enter for exams, events and fully benefit from the wealth of resources available on our website.

    Exam fees 

    Depending on when you register, individual exam fees can range from £71 – £268, so registering early can mean significant savings!

    We have exam sittings in March, June, September and December. Early entry starts roughly four months before each sitting. To see a full list of fees, early entry information and exam centres, visit www.accaglobal.com/exams.

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