Sam Bailey:Brand Finance Manager, Britvic

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I have now been at Britvic for over 2 years and it is a great place to work. Firstly I love how ambitious the company is. Being ambitious myself, it is important to work for a company that has similar values. Secondly, there is a real emphasis on making Britvic a great place to work and ensuring that individuals reach their full potential.

It is important to love where you work so I would encourage graduates to not give up when looking for their dream job and evaluate lots of different options. Sometimes it takes a while for the job you are looking for to come up and I believe that it is better to wait for a job you are enthusiastic and excited about, rather than one that is available. The same goes for when I have looked to progress in my own career - I have always had to wait for the right role to come up.

My long term goal is to become a Finance Director. In order to achieve this I need to gain experience working in different roles within the finance function and gain a broad understanding of the business environment. ACCA has been key to this – giving me a great deal of freedom in my career and opening up opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t have been available.

In order to achieve your goals you also have to stay motivated. I am inspired by people like Richard Branson who are driven, not afraid to take risks, and able to suffer disappointments and setbacks in achieving their dreams. I also draw inspiration from lots of people, including my colleagues, and try to learn from everyone I work with in order to better myself and make myself a more rounded professional and accountant.

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