Owen Davies:Finance transition manager, BAE Systems

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After graduating from Cardiff University in 2004 with a degree in Accounting, Owen was eligible for all nine exemptions from the ACCA Fundamentals papers and went to work at Sunjuice as a Management Accountant.

"I wanted a career where I could use my problem solving abilities to help people breakdown complex issues and make good decisions. Accountancy seemed a great opportunity to achieve this. It proved to be something I really enjoy, and something I’m pretty good at."

Owen joined global defence company BAE Systems five years later, in an effort to build a career with a company that had the means to provide all kinds of development opportunities.

"I had several opportunities to partner with other departments, often on secondment, and was lucky enough to travel across the world to participate in BAE Systems’ global future leader’s programme – easily the best opportunity I have had to date to work with colleagues across cultures and businesses sectors."

Owen is proud of ACCA’s reputation, and chose the qualification because of the variety that it offers students and members. “I chose ACCA because I’m someone who enjoys variety in everything I do.

"I enjoy the freedom to be involved in a spectrum of different projects and roles at any one point in time. ACCA gives you that freedom. Not being pigeonholed as a Management Accountant or a Financial Accountant, an ACCA qualified candidate is one who is capable in every kind of financial environment."

Outside of work, Owen loves to travel. Two years ago, he took a group of school kids from the South Wales Valleys to Tanga, Tanzania – where they helped build a house for a widow, gave out goats to villagers and ran lessons and soccer schools in a couple of the local schools.  

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