Every day, each of us is given the same gift; 24 hours of time. For some of us, that’s more than enough time to achieve our goals. For many of us though, it is never enough; there’s always feel a need for a little more time, isn’t there?

So, where do you place yourself?

For those that feel a constant need for a little more time, now is the opportunity to start reframing your thought processes. Rather than constantly wanting more time, let’s explore sustainable ways to continue achieving using less time and open up new discoveries in the process.

Key features

During this webinar, Patrick will coach you through the three areas critical to a more sustainable approach in managing time:

  • use of your time and how by changing your mind set, you can start to use it in more sustainable ways
  • where you invest your time, and starting to prioritise to focus energies on your more important tasks
  • the biggest time waster that eats into everyone’s day –  the tendency to drop anchor, and start procrastinating.


Patrick O'Brien

Patrick O'Brien is the managing director of The Amanuenses Network Pte Ltd. Amanuenses is a Singapore based company that has helped corporations and individuals develop their soft skills for the last 12 years, through the design and delivery of experiential training workshops.

Patrick works extensively with clients across the financial services sector, and has worked with ACCA in Singapore for the past six years.