Change is inevitable but not always welcomed. The prospect of change makes people feel insecure and they fear the potential losses that change may bring. This represents a huge challenge to anyone charged with managing people through change.

The webinar considers the processes involved in implementing change and it examines the roles played by emotion and resistance to change.

It sets out the steps for a successful change management process and concludes that excellent leadership is the most important element in managing people through change.

Key features 

  • the necessity for change
  • Lewin’s theory of change management
  • dealing with resistance to change
  • leadership in change management
  • Kotter’s eight steps to transforming your organisation.

Speaker details

The speaker: John Doris BSc, MBA, FCCA

John Doris is principal of Meridian Business Advisors Limited and company secretary of Mincon Group plc. He graduated from University College Dublin with a BSc in physics and completed his MBA in 1977. He qualified as an ACCA in 1974.

John gained broad experience in industry before moving into rescue banking and corporate finance, and he was a director of ABN Amro Corporate Finance (Ireland) Limited. He has 25 years' experience as a non-executive director.

Over his career, John has experienced many business changes and has learnt that managing people through change is an essential business skill.

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