Difficult conversations are an integral part of professional life, especially if acting in an advisory capacity. It is not always possible to give people the news that they want particularly in an emotive area such as finance. In some circumstances you will have to deliver news and advice that will be the last thing that a client wants to hear and will have huge implications on their life, business or livelihood. 

Alternate dispute resolution, mediation and negotiation techniques can assist in having challenging conversations, reducing the level of difficulty that we all face when tasked with a difficult interaction.

Alexander Dunlop will be providing an introduction to the techniques that professional accountants can use to assist in having challenging conversations with clients and colleagues in the professional landscape.

Key features

By attending this webinar, you will learn:

  • An overview of ADR techniques that assist difficult interactions
  • How to understand the underlying drivers in a difficult conversation
  • How to recognise and interact with different conflict styles 
  • How you deal with conflict when faced with a difficult conversation.


Alexander Dunlop

Alexander Dunlop is a senior investigation officer at ACCA. Around 25% of all complaints received by ACCA are dealt with via conciliation. Alexander is a lawyer and mediator specialising in Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) and international dispute resolution.