Introduced in 2001, the scheme was originally designed to recognise firms that went the extra mile by adopting best practice standards.

Although it served its purpose well, with more than 530 firms achieving the ACCA Quality Checked award, the decision has been taken to replace it with a more compliance-based scheme. 

Looking forward

The proposed scope of the new scheme will enable us to monitor the wider population of practising certificate holders. This includes their compliance with Global Practising Regulations and our Code of Ethics and Conduct as set out in ACCA’s Rulebook.

The new scheme will still provide a limited amount of advice on best practice procedures, but won’t incorporate an award or day-long best practice consultation.

Existing ACCA Quality Checked award holders

If you already have an award, you don’t need to do anything just now.

To minimise disruption, you can continue to hold the award and will be listed as an ACCA Quality Checked award holder on our website until 31st December 2017.